The United States has banned the entry of 50 Nicaraguan citizens associated with the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega.

Daniel Ortega (EFE / George Torres / Archive)

The United States imposed this Friday Visa restrictions for 50 direct relatives of Nicaraguan legislators, lawyers and judges are related to the rule of Daniel Ortega and his wife and vice president Rosario Murillo., Condemns the arrest of thirty enemies.

“As these activities prove, The United States is committed to promoting broader accountability To anyone responsible for or benefiting from the Ortega-Murillo regime’s attacks on democratic institutions, “the State Department said in a statement.

Then he remembered A wave of arrests by the dictatorship over dozens of enemiesMany of them are candidates for the presidency.

Department of Foreign Affairs The list of affected officers was not provided, And in July, a spokesman told the news agency Efe Those who lost their US visas could not be identified because the data in those documents were confidential under U.S. law.

The report was released the same day The United States Senate approved the “Rebirth” billSupported by Democrats and Republicans to promote the election. “Free and fairIn Nicaragua.

The announcement was made this Friday by one of the promoters of the proposal, a Democratic senator and chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Relations Committee. Bob Menandes.

In a statement, the legislature explained it The plan is to drastically increase US diplomatic commitment to Ortega’s “repressive tactics.” To intimidate and arrest opposition candidates for the November 7 election.

Christiana Zamoro, Arturo Cruz, Felix Maradiga, Juan Sebastian Zamoro and Miguel Mora, some of the arrested politicians (archive)
Christiana Zamoro, Arturo Cruz, Felix Maradiga, Juan Sebastian Zamoro and Miguel Mora, some of the arrested politicians (archive)

Called the Bill to Strengthen Compliance with the Conditions for Electoral Reform in Nicaragua Extends oversight of loans from international financial institutions to Nicaragua.

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In addition, Imposes selective sanctions on Nicaraguan officials and urges them to coordinate with the Government of Canada and the European Union, Except to ask that Nicaragua’s continued participation in the Free Trade Agreement with Central America (KAFTA) was reviewed.

This effort also helps To add Nicaragua to the list of Central American countries subject to US visa restrictions Access to classified reports related to corruption and alleged corruption activities committed by the Ordega executive and his family.

The other points of the proposal are the focus Relations between Russia and NicaraguaTherefore, documents on the sale of Russian troops to Nicaragua and possible actions punishable are requested.

The Renaissance was presented last March by legislators from both U.S. parties Menendez And Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

In the current election process, Nicaraguan authorities have arrested more than 30 opposition leaders, Including seven presidential loyalists.

The Supreme Electoral Council, controlled by Ortega supporters, It has also revoked the legal sovereignty of both political parties, And Parliament with an absolute majority for the ruling party, Reformed the electoral lawThis placed more control over the structure of the election in favor of the Sandinistas.

Ortega, a former Septuagenarian guerrilla, is looking forward to his fifth five-year term for the fourth and second time following his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo, in the November 7 general election.


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