They arrest a member of the National Guard for femicide; He cut off his finger to look at the cell phone News from Mexico

SLP, San Luis Potosí.- Element of the National Guard, Sergio “N”He was arrested in the municipality of Adizapan de Zaragoza in the state of Mexico. took his life Capital on June 28, 2023 San Luis Potosí.

According to an investigation by the SLP State Attorney General’s Office (FGESLP), Sergio “N”The 28-year-old brutally assaulted his emotional partner on June 28 this year.

Presented by the battered woman Multiple injuries on face and neckAt an address located north of the capital of San Luis Potosí in the Maria Cecilia neighborhood.

They hold the GN organ for feminism

And after taking her life as part of the nation’s security forces, He cut his index finger From the right hand Access your cell phoneLater on He escaped in a vehicle The girl’s relatives were found dead.

Retrieved from Investigation, Investigative Police Sergio was able to follow “my” path, which is located in the municipality of Atizapan de Zaragoza in the state of Mexico. At the time of capture Alleged femicide He was in the process of changing his driver’s license.

In operation, there were Co-operation of Atisaban PoliceMexico Navy-Staff of the Naval Secretariat, Being Agents of PDI of San Luis PotosíHe executed the court order. After insurance, Sergio “N” was replaced To the Attorney General of the State of Mexico, where FGESLP personnel carried out the appropriate procedures for transfer to the territory of San Luis Potosí.

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