They are promoting Etecsa's new features

The Cuban government press echoed the new jobs of the island's telecommunications company, Etecsa.

According to newspaper information Escambraythe company is currently promoting “new functionality through online services, an option it has made available since last year to customers with the aim of facilitating self-management of services.”

According to Communications Specialist in the Marketing Group, Lexis González González, it is possible to manage these features through the website As well as from the Online Services application, which is We hope you enjoy this gallery Free.

Among the benefits of the new features he mentioned:

  • It is possible to check and choose between Nauta Hogar offers available for adjustment at a higher or lower speed;
  • Easy to create national email accounts;
  • Payments can be made through the EnZona portal.

Etecsa electronic services application

Regarding the electronic services application, he indicated the possibility of using it to carry out the same operations that take place on the web.

Gonzalez Gonzalez reported that it is useful for recharging a mobile phone, because you can choose the beneficiary directly from the contact list, “thus avoiding confusion in the number and errors in the process.”

He also added: “By having a simple and intuitive interface, we can maintain the same site structure as online services and provide a better experience by facilitating self-management of mobile and home services quickly and effectively.”

Actions that can be performed in Etecsa electronic services application

  • pay phone bill,
  • Create and recharge your permanent Nauta account,
  • Pay and check your Nauta Hogar account status,
  • Mobile phone services management,
  • Enable Internet access and
  • Purchase plans, packages and bags.
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It is also possible to recharge, request PIN and PUK information, manage a friend's plan, and activate and deactivate data rate.

The Etecsa official confirmed that the application is compatible with all versions of Android.

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