Summary of news and results from elections in Mexico in 2024 after Scheinbaum's victory

Latin American leaders, former presidents and politicians react after Sheinbaum's victory

Leaders, former presidents and politicians in Latin America reacted after Claudia Sheinbaum's victory in Mexico's elections, according to official preliminary results, indicating that Mexico will have a woman president for the first time.

There were many congratulatory messages before the Electoral Commission announced the first results, and they pointed out precisely that a woman would hold office for the first time in a Latin American country.

Here are the main reactions from Latin American leaders, former presidents and politicians:


Xiomara Castro, the president of Honduras, was one of the first leaders to react to the election results

“As the first female president of Honduras, I extend my heartiest congratulations to the first female president-elect of Mexico.
Claudia Sheinbaum for achieving a great electoral victory with the help of the Mexican people and our friend Andrés Manuel López Obrador. We collaborated over the phone for the unity of Latin America and the Caribbean,” he wrote on his X social network account.


“Mexico has elected its first president. With him celebrates a people strengthened by democracy and hope for a better future,” wrote President Bernardo Arevalo on the social network X, who told Sheinbaum ““Guatemala is ready to work together to promote unity, respect for life and the general prosperity of our people.”

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President Gustavo Pedro highlighted in a message on X that Mexico had “elected a progressive as the first president in its history.” “This is a victory for the people of Mexico and their democracy,” he said, adding that they would work together “to see Latin America united and moving forward.”

Costa Rica

Costa Rica's presidency issued a message congratulating Sheinbaum for “democratically winning the presidency” and becoming Mexico's “first female president.”


Miguel Díaz-Canel, the president of Cuba, issued a message saying “Salute to Scheinbaum's historic election.” “Count Cuba's desire to continue to strengthen the loving brotherhood that unites our people,” he wrote in X.

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“This Sunday #2June we witnessed an extraordinary demonstration of civility and democracy in Mexico, with great participation in the presidential election,” President Nicolás Maduro wrote on X, congratulating Sheinbaum and Morena's party, among other groups.

He congratulated President López Obrador, whom he described as “the best leader of Mexico and our continent.” “This is a great victory for the great homeland. I hug you! Long live Mexico!”


Luis Arce, Bolivia's president, “congratulated Sheinbaum on her landslide victory in the general elections, making history by becoming the first woman president of a fraternal country.”

“We salute all Mexicans for their democratic work and broad participation in the electoral process. Maintaining our vision, we are sure that the relations between our peoples will be strengthened to continue on the path of fraternity, cooperation and solidarity. Development, regional integration and commitment to a multilateral world,” he said in X He added in his message.

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Former Argentine President Alberto Fernandez posted a video hugging Sheinbaum, who, as he said, was with her when the first results were announced. “A progressive woman will continue the great work started by my beloved @lopezobrador in Mexico. Latin America celebrates. Congratulations dear Claudia,” He wrote next to the pictures.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the former president of Argentina, was one of the first to speak on social networks, in which she congratulated Morena and Sheinbaum, “Today is the first president of Mexico.”


OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro also congratulated Sheinbaum and highlighted his role as the country's first prospective president. “Count on the OAS to work together for social justice for our people on an agenda of democracy, human rights, comprehensive development and security,” he wrote in his account on X.

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