They are Marilina Dávila and Carlota Sargoz: the daughters Chiquincura Delgado had with two famous Venezuelans, the elder a talented 31-year-old actress and the younger a 13-year-old cute teenager who resembles her father. Social Networks | Entertainment

Chiquinquira delgado He is one of the most popular and relevant presenters Television Hispanic, except big love of Journalist George Ramos.

But beyond being a well-known public figure, Chikvi is a devoted mother of two daughters; Marilena Davila31 years old, daughter actor Guillermo DavilaAnd a small one Charlotte Sarkos13 years old, who is his faithful companion, the result of his relationship with him Daniel Sarkos.

Unlike other celebs, Sikkim doesn’t usually show much of her daughter, although she does share a little bit with her followers. Photographs The web portal reported that she is very cute with the lady of the house Latina moms.

They are Chiquivira Delgado’s daughters Marialena Dávila and Carlotta Sargoz.

There is no doubt that Chiquinquirá Delgado is a complete professional, with his partner and as a mother, he fills her with joy and strength to move forward. He made this known recently when he celebrated his daughter Carlotta Sarkos’ birthday with nostalgia.

Astrid Carolina Herrera, former Miss World 1984, wowed audiences in the soap opera “La Mujer de Judas” and became a mother at 50.

“Just like that, the apple of my eye is already a young man! Happy birthday dear #Carlotta, may your life be as wonderful as you are! #loveyouunlimited”, he said. model Venezuela, on May 8, 2023, the 13th birthday of his second daughter, his previous decision Wedding With Daniel Sarkos, host and entertainer of Venezuelan television.

Chiqui is inseparable with Carlotta, who is used to carrying her suitcases to travel to faraway countries and enjoy her mother’s company, like her summer trip in 2022. Paris.

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“What she doesn’t know is that she’s the one who sets my course and makes the memories,” the star comments in this incredible photo, in which she’s shown on the open sea with her daughter, and she’s rowing. Special time with his mom.

Chiquinquirá Delgado’s other great love is his eldest daughter

Apart from the love he shows to his youngest daughter, another owner of his heart is his daughter Marialina Dávila. Since the host’s eldest daughter no longer lives with them, the three of them have a good time and make sure they make the most of every encounter they have.

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“Carlotta and Marilina have a good relationship. Despite their huge age gap, they miss each other and I see them calling to each other,” Delgado says of her daughters. “Many times they have differences, but love is always strong.”

“Marilena comes and goes, it depends on where her work is, and now she’s very focused on music,” he says of actress Marilena Dávila. “This position of mother is very good because I see both of them encouraging each other, supporting each other, sometimes they fight, but they love each other again,” she adds about her daughters. (and)

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