Adamari Lopez shows off her youthful appearance before heading to the mass on Sunday

How outrageous, how beautiful she is Adamari Lopez Since she began her life change a few months ago, this week has seen how she has experienced dramatic changes before and after losing weight.

If yesterday he greeted his followers with A on Saturday Look She turned twenty at the base of the pen, and today she looks like a woman in a selfie she took before going to the Sunday Mass!

With her straight hair and an honest smile on her face, Alana’s mother wore a light blue denim jumpsuit, tied at the waist and adorned with ruffles to look gorgeous and happy. The detail of the light shirts on the forearm is very feminine when worn with simple flat sandals.

IG Adamari Lopez

Then he could be seen singing happily during Mass in the church: “Dear Lord, I want to be like clay in the hands of the potter. Take my life, do it again … I want to be, a new glass …”, He sang in full. Adamari Lopez In their stories.

Supported by her faith and rewarded for her perseverance and determination, Adamari is now a new person, the result of all the revolutionary changes she has made in her life this year: diet, exercise and the recent separation from her Tony Costa.

IG Adamari Lopez

No matter what she does with her followers, she joins her throughout her ups and downs in life, cries with her in her bad drinks, celebrates all her victories, and continues to be reborn from her ashes with a smile. Bravo!

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