Sony had canceled an unannounced sci-fi shooter for PS5 and PC

user Twitter A person calling himself Timur222 revealed through his profile that Sony PlayStation has canceled a sci-fi themed shooter being developed by Final Strike Games, the studio behind it. Arena Rocket. Although it is not known if this is the same “unannounced AAA PvP shooter” project that the developer mentioned in web pageTimur222 comments that the title was canceled It has been in development for over three years. for PS5 and PC, though it still looks like two more years in the oven.

The same user highlighted in a later post that Final Strike Games recently suffered a 40% staff cut.. In addition, share a screenshot of a profile linkedin to a former software engineer named Ahmed Khalifa to prove that the developer’s layoffs took place only a few hours ago, while he decided to keep the source who provided him with information about the canceled project a secret.

Hey everyone, today marks the end of the journey for me at Final Strike Games. I have been affected by the recent round of layoffs and am looking forward to starting a new journey. If you know of any mid-level software development opportunities, please contact me,” Khalifa reads.

Sony PixelOpus has closed

Oddly enough, this news comes a few days after Sony announced the Close PixelOpus, developer Concrete collection. The company shared the following statement to justify its decision: “PlayStation Studios regularly evaluates its catalog and the status of studio projects to ensure that they are meeting the company’s strategic goals in the short and long term. Due to the recent review process, PixelOpus has been decided to shut down on June 2nd“.

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