They advise to work so that PLD is the main force

A Meeting Held this Friday by Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) With the heads of its various secretariats, The President Of that system and Former President Republican, Danilo Medina, Advised to work to unite the opposition as the main political force of the country.

In completion, the Vice President, Themistocles Montas, Medina Moderated the debates and called for the opposition to play a role, setting positions on the topics of discussion locally and internationally, referring to an institutional note.

He recalled being a part of the Secretariat Central Committee of the PLD, Who defines and nominates the party leadership for the political leadership in each area of ​​its capabilities.

“Take yourself Leadership, Unite, defend party positions, follow a Review For actions Government Responsibility of the Opposition “, Revealed Former President On top of that Meeting Held on Room of Professor Juan Bosch Office of the Political Committee PLD, Located on Dr. Pinero Street in the University Zone of the National District. PLD.

Secretary-General Charles Mariotti apologizes, Themistocles Montas The Govt-19 artificially diagnosed the situation in the country dominated by epidemics and concerns about high inflation affecting the economy.

Review Juan Ariel Jiménez Vice President Of PLD Through the Zoom platform from overseas, he addressed the economic issue and the challenges for the year that has just begun.

Participants provided feedback, suggestions and twists in securing the work of their endeavors. Government Petista

In the end Meeting A formal call was made for next February “to start running every structure that makes up the Secretariat”.

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