These are the errors that the Project Board found in the permits issued to the Soul Y’Play condominium

Completion audit Project Board Eight findings have been identified as a result of non-compliance with the permissions granted Permit Management Office (OGPe) For holders Word y Playa condominium, In Rincoln, to build a recreational area on the beach of Los Almentros, which is in the sea-terrain zone and is a nesting place for sea turtles such as hawksbills and leatherbacks.

According to the resolution issued by the Project Board, its Audit Office First, it decided that the plan did not meet the existing parameters in 2019 for obtaining the so-called planned exemption, which excludes a supporter from submitting an environmental impact report.

On the other hand, as per the resolution of the project committee, the project dedicated to a main pool, children’s pool, jacuzzi, two gazebos, bathrooms, showers, sidewalks and arches did not comply. With separation zones set by Joint Permit Regulation. The resolution referred to the advice of the site for setting up a condominium in 1995, “in accordance with the provisions of Rule 17 relating to the separation zones in force at that time.”

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The audit further pointed out that the proposed works are different from the works approved as part of the original construction plans for the condominium. So, it was decided that Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER) The construction of the proposed facilities for the installation of swimming pools, gazebos, bathrooms, sidewalks, arches and gutters was never approved. According to the audit, the resolution states that OGPe permits are subject to previously approved “same” jobs.

On the other hand, it does not comply with the rules of the project 1880 Port Act Not even Act 135-1967, Also known as the Project Certification Act, which requires the recommendations of the Project Committee, DNER, Department of Health, Water and Sewerage Authority And this Travel agency.

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Non-compliance with Rule 135 is subject to censorship by the designer Enrique Santiago Arroyo Location Image, Mentioned Board of Engineers and Surveyors And College of Engineering and Surveyors For possible disciplinary action.

Meanwhile, OGPe received a signal in the audit that the company had approved the permit request “without the minimum documentation required for the established process” in the joint terms. That defect, the resolution implies, is because Act 161-2009 establishes that “additional information is not required” after completing an application.

Finally, the audit found that the plan did not comply with the condominium Planning Regulation No. 1 Special Risk Areas and Floods, As well as with the provisions of the Joint Regulation on “Providing Documents”.

Metro He requested a copy of the final audit report from the project committee’s press office, but it was not provided at the time of publication.

In terms of audit, the committee, the chairman Image by Manuel Hidalco Rivera Placeholder, Ordered the project to be discontinued and asked the agency’s legal department to initiate judicial proceedings to revoke the construction permit held by the owners of the Soul Y. Play condominium.

The Condominium’s board of directors has already announced that it will legally pursue the ceasefire and withdrawal, arguing that “we have not even had the proper legal process to prove the legitimacy of our permits.”

Since mid-May, Los Almentrose has been the scene of citizens ’struggle against beach work, which also includes a barrier wall that has already begun to be built and is located a few meters from the coast. Dozens of police officers were arrested as a result of the protests, including several protesters Eliezer Molina, A former independent candidate for governor and who led a public call against development in the maritime-land zone.

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This Friday, DNER plans to hold an administrative investigation into the demarcation challenge in the area where approvals for the project have been approved by the authorities.

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