Peña says RD will investigate public debt if he wins |

Carlos Pena.

Santo Domingo.- Carlos Peña, the presidential candidate of the Generation of Servers party, said that if he becomes president of the Republic, the first thing he will do is audit the public debt, consolidate interest rates and debts.

The former legislator said that his party was well-structured and recognized by the Central Election Board, which corresponds to box 28 of the election ballot, making it the fourth national political force.

Duarte, Sanchez and Mella are focused on working with serious and responsible Dominicans who want to serve the country, he said.

“Dominicans should not lose their votes by voting for the same parties that pushed people down the drain. In 2024 the alternatives will be only two: break the corrupt and corrupt program that does not solve national problems and choose the tripod of parties that have historically drained the public treasury or generation servers to serve the country,” he said.

In the current government of Luis Abinador, as he said, an unprecedented system has been established from the National Palace, “the minority rich, the majority poor, leaning on the powerful sectors and not towards the poor and middle class who voted him confidence ».


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