Fincimex informs about Visa and MasterCard cards

Fincimex, a Cuban financial institution, has posted a message on Facebook promoting Visa and MasterCard cards.

An image of the Revolut VISA card reads, “Grow your business, accept financial cards.”

The company, which manages remittances to Cuba and offers several types of cards, responded to several customers asking how the service works.

“Can I get VISA cards through Fincimex?” asked one user. “Fincimex processes Visa and MasterCard cards,” they replied from customer service.

The service, they noted, “consists of POS being activated at your business, and from that point on any card in circulation in the country can be charged in return for a minimal commission.”

“The amount will be credited to your bank account the next day,” they said.

According to Information POS service with network connection and POS with GPRS connection can be contracted at Fincimex offices. Provided contact number is 72201199.

The Cuban company still processes remittances to Cuba through the site Payment. A maximum of $3000 per quarter can be sent from this site.

“We deposit 100 MLC for only USD 110.44 or EUR 99.90,” said the page advertised this Tuesday.

FINCIMEX: Cards and remittances to Cuba

Belonging to Cimex Corporation, the financial institution was incorporated in the Republic of Panama on January 26, 1984 and formed as a private Cuban company.

It has a license from the Central Bank of Cuba to administer and manage remittances from abroad to Cuba, to finance short-term purchase operations on the island, as well as export operations; And for the release and operation of any type of plastic card.

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This Wednesday, Fincimex also reported on a new financial product.Reloadable chip cards Fuel must be paid.

“Among its advantages, it allows you to recharge your balance as many times as required, without limits on the amount. It does not require presenting the owner’s lien,” they pointed out.

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