These are the days of Maya Perry Spear in Florida: Monica Spear’s daughter is as beautiful as her mother at 14, everyone is betting on the new youthful style Social networks | Entertainment

Monica Spear He left a legacy to his precious daughter Maya, more than 9 years after her mother passed away (and her father, Thomas Henry Perry) is very similar actress Venezuela.

A beautiful heiress Miss Venezuela 2004, and popular actress TV soapsAdopted by her maternal uncle in 2021, Ricardo Speer And for this couple, Daniela is goodYears later he lives with his grandparents at his mother’s side Orlando, FloridaAs reported by the website portal Latina moms.

The tragic story of Monica Spear’s daughter Maya Perry Spear

Following the tragic deaths of Monica Spear and Thomas Henry Perry on January 6, 2014, a Armed robbery On the Venezuelan highway, Maya came under the legal guardianship of her maternal grandparents. Raphael Spear And Here are the moodsand moved to Orlando, Florida.

Alejandro Fernandez makes a Venezuelan teenager’s dream come true: the Mexican artist took the teenager on stage to sing his songs on the streets of the country’s east.

Her uncle Riccardo Speer always looked out for her and decided to adopt her paternity Adoption In the company of his partner Daniela Bueno.

In 2021, her uncles did the appropriate procedures and on August 31, they achieved their mission by recognizing her before the law. “We know that he understood a great responsibility, however, we accepted it and we are happy with the decisions we made today,” Daniela said. Spanish people.

“At this time we were working on everything related to Maya’s legitimacy and the adoption process,” he added.

From December of the same year, Maya moved in with them, and now they are A Family established. “It’s beautiful and very moving news for us. It’s a new beginning for Maya and the future is full of challenges for us too, but we feel very lucky to have had us,” Ricardo Speer’s wife added.

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This is what Maya Perry Spear looks like at 14

On October 10, 2022, Maya reached a very important age youth, as 14 years. Her uncles and cousins ​​on her mother’s side celebrated her with a passionate reception, and she showed herself to her followers, grateful for all the love she had received.

This is how the protagonist of “Tobasio” looks at 60: the actress Gracia Colmanaras fell in love with an entire continent in the 80s, and after disappearing from show business she took refuge in Italy.

Maya Perry is getting her own style, with occasional changes in her hair look, and her very youthful dressing and ensemble. Of course you might want to be model Or Miz as Monica, if she so chooses.

Her smile is a symbol of hope for the people of Venezuela and all those inspired by her story, and what better way than to admire Monica Spear’s beautiful heiress.

Monica Spear’s fans recognize many coincidences in their daughter Maya, sending comments like: “Mom’s look, the expression of the same sincerity” “She is so precious, the best of the two… Monica and Henry. They are now living in Maya. (and)

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