Biotechnology: the science of the future

in its printed version, Report importance biotechnology in societyaround three main axes: the historical relationship with the development of civilizations up to the modern era, the areas of scientific knowledge where they exist and the benefits they bring to health and food sovereignty.

These repercussions contrast with the reactionary measures taken by the current government headed by Mr Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, He turned his back to investigate the country. Based on ideologies, prejudices, and rhetoric with no scientific basis, this administration decided to ban genetically modified corn, a decision that would cause economic and political problems.

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In addition, we participate in a decision analysis Consit To suppress biotechnology as a field of knowledge: what does it represent? How many students and researchers will be affected? With these wrong policies, the authorities are depriving us of the science necessary for the development of our country today and tomorrow.

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