The government turns the “Red Point” into a family entertainment space

  • The governor initiated activities of the recreational space “La Ribereña” that promotes environmental education, culture and family coexistence.

The state government has transformed an area classified as a “red spot” in the capital, due to its abandonment and frequent insecurity, into a space where families can admire nature and learn how to care for the environment.

Governor Lorena Cuellar Cisneros witnessed the beginning of the official activities of the recreational space “La Repreña” located on the bank of the Zahuapan River in the district of Santa María Atempan, near the border with San Juan Tutulac.

The governor, accompanied by state authorities, stressed the importance of collective will and participation to save this place and transform unwanted areas into places worth enjoying.

He said that a few months ago, this place was deserted and lifeless, there was anti-social behavior and mistrust was generated among citizens, which is why the state government decided to intervene and now it has a new perspective.

With the implementation of the strategies recommended by national and international specialists, today the Zahuapan Riverbank has become a place where the beauty of flowers, birds, butterflies and pollinators abounds; The gardens that have been built make it attractive to everyone.

“We are implementing urban strategies to deepen the channel through slopes that shelter aquatic flowers and that help us give new life to this place. Today we can admire the beauty of this space, the color of the flowers, the sound of the water, the singing of birds, and experience the pollinator gardens as a meeting point for butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees.” “It's something a lot of our girls do,” he said, “and the kids want to see this beautiful place.”

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Pedro Aquino Alvarado, Secretary of the Environment, emphasized the governor's message by saying that “La Repreña” is a space for reconciliation with nature and a point that will become a tourist attraction, where those who visit will also find space for pets. Where the Wildlife Institute staff will carry out some activities.

In addition, he called for saving more spaces, stressing that educating children and connecting them with nature is the best investment. “Life needs movement, it needs vibration, and this is where a new story will be written. We are betting on the best investments: educating girls and boys, to connect with nature through education in a playful way.”

After the official ceremony, the Head of State toured the place. The recreational space “La Repreña” contains a concrete sculpture that simulates the Malinche River and the river’s passage from its source in Tlaxco, which aims to show the importance of the river bed in nourishing the entity’s hydrological basins.

It also has pollinator gardens, a live pharmacy, a children's play area, dancing fountains, sculptures and coexistence areas, in addition to an area for biocompensatory plants, which have the function of feeding the river with microorganisms that reduce pollutants, especially heavy ones. Metals. .

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