Irina Peva is on everyone’s lips for the evil she did with the daughters of Gabriel Soto

It looks like it Gabriel Soto and Irina Peva are ready to let go of breakup rumorsTo shut up their haters, they released a video that showed them already living together as a full family. Well, the pictures show the actor celebrating his 48th birthday with his two daughters: Elisa and Miranda and, of course, his fiancée.

The Russian-born actress was in charge of sharing various details of the surprise-filled celebration. A barbeque and a huge prank the little ones did to their father while Irina recorded every moment of this fun moment.

One of Gabrielle Soto’s daughters severely assaulted her fatherInstagram/Irina Baeva

Did you find it? Irina Beva is unfazed by the thunderous rumors with Gabriel Soto and poses in tight clothes

The soap opera hero met up with his loved ones last weekend to blow out the candles. Taking to Instagram, it didn’t take long for his girlfriend to show how they celebrated the actor, who was barbequed at this intimate party.

As Gabrielle posed for a souvenir photo with her girls, One of them smeared his face with sweets, causing laughter from those present, even from Irina, who, apparently, was an accomplice in the event, for which it immediately became the talk of everyone.

what did he tell? Sarah Corrales dares to talk about Irina Beva amid thundering rumors with Gabriel Soto

However, the antics of the little ones did not attract much attention, But Bewa is already living with his future stepdaughters, and the pictures make it clear that he and Soto are moving at a steady pace towards the altar, now that all three of their wives are part of their festivities, rumored to be Geraldine. Bazán, the girls’ mother, did not want the minors to mix with their father’s girlfriend.

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