These are the Cubans who can apply for a Schengen visa online

The Schengen visa, which provides legal access to 27 European countries like Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Poland, etc., has a simple process with an online platform where one can apply for a visa without going there. As for an embassy, ​​all interested Cubans cannot request one without going to a European diplomatic headquarters.

As we say here, this week, the European Union (EU) authorized the creation of a virtual system that would allow online processing of visas.

On this site, applicants can enter all the required data, upload electronic copies of their travel and supporting documents, pay the fees and wait without visiting the embassies of their country of residence.

It is undoubtedly excellent news. However, not everyone who wants a Schengen visa can do the process online.

For example, first-time document applicants may be required to appear in person to register their biometric data. Likewise, those whose data is invalid, or who have changed their passport, i.e., they have a new one and therefore, a new passport number.

Apply for a Schengen visa from Cuba

Who are Cubans who can apply online when using a Scangen visa? Only those who have already obtained a Schengen visa and have their biometric data stored in the European system can do everything online. This was announced by the Council of the European Union this week.

Undoubtedly, the visa process will be more active and easier with the new digital system, which will avoid going to embassies or other offices or putting a label or glue on the passport, although all these are not included.

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The visa reform has been delayed by negotiations in the European Parliament, but it is understood that it will be implemented three weeks after it is published in the EU’s Official Journal. From here we will inform you the specific dates of your application.

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