Avianca cancels this route from Miami Airport

Travelers who planned to use the airline Avianca to fly from Miami International Airport, this holiday season and New Year’s Eve, to Colombia’s Bucaramanga terminal, received disappointing news.

Several international reports have confirmed that the aforementioned Latin company will suspend the route linking Palonegro International Airport to Miami, which began less than a year ago, on December 8, 2022. The reason for this cancellation is the lack of profitability and performance. The Road.

Viviana Velasco, official in Bucaramanga, wide Avianca also stated that “its seasonal trajectory will also not return and is directly related to performance and profitability issues.”

He added: “Avianca had to make quick decisions, and at the moment this route does not return either, and unfortunately the numbers do not connect to Florida.”

The suspension of the Avianca to Colombia route from Miami will become effective from January 17, 2024, which has sparked upset and uncertainty among users, who fear that the cancellation will be permanent.

Avianca flights to Cuba from Colombia

It must be remembered that this is not the first time that an airline has stopped operating flights from Bucaramanga to the United States and vice versa, since on the same day that Avianca will stop flying, Spirit will also suspend its flights with Florida.

Regarding Avianca’s flights to Cuba, the tourism advisor at the Cuban embassy in Colombia, Ives Fernandez, expressed in an interview with the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo her interest in the airline’s return to operating on the island, after its withdrawal for fear of US sanctions. In January 2020.

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Fernandez noted that Cuba would like to receive more Colombian tourists and that is why it is necessary for Avianca to restart its routes from Bogotá. Avianca has been one of the favorite choices for Cubans, especially for traveling to Panama and South America, because it offers connections with countries such as Ecuador, Chile, El Salvador or Peru.

However, the company stopped selling tickets and argued that it would be affected by the ban if it continued to operate on the island. Avianca is a Colombian company, but with capital and registration in the United States.

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