These are other uses you can give bay leaves at home

In the world of gastronomy, spices are very important because they cooperate in the difficult task of achieving a delicious and balanced taste. Bay leaf is one of the most used and this aromatic herb offers a variety of benefits when it comes to creating a delicious dish, although it also has many uses within the home.

Laurel stands out for its versatility, its many uses in the kitchen and being part of the many tricks that can be implemented at home.

On this occasion, we will introduce you to some of the powers of this herb that decorates and at the same time transcends gastronomy. Bay leaf stands out for its many uses in the kitchen and is part of the many tricks it can implement.

How to use laurel?

In your kitchen pantry, bay leaf can be used as a mosquito repellent and you should keep some dried leaves in the cupboards. This will deter moths and other unwanted insects.

In addition, it can be used as a natural aroma at home, to do so you need to put a few leaves in a cloth bag or a decorative bowl.

If we delve fully into the field of gastronomy, bay leaves are used to cook rice. Professionals add bay leaves to water while cooking rice as it imparts a subtle aroma and flavor to their dishes.

Another use is to flavor soups and stews, where you can use both fresh and dried leaves and remove them before serving.

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Bay leaf is also a choice for seasonal broths, and its leaves should be added early in cooking. In this way, they gradually release their flavor and aroma.

The same thing happens when roasting, as you can place fresh leaves under or on top of the meat while cooking, which will add a unique aroma and flavor to the meat.

Finally, in the world of gastronomy, professional chefs use oils and vinegars for flavoring.

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