There is a high risk of heavy rain and lightning over most of the island this Saturday

The National Weather Service (SNM) in San Juan announced this morning that there is a high risk of heavy rain and lightning for most of the island this Saturday, due to rains that will cause a trough connection with tropical moisture prevailing in the area.

It’s the same weather the island has been experiencing since last Thursday, but the meteorologist said Ian Colon Bacon I said New day Strong activity is expected today.

“Since midnight, a half to an inch (of rain) has already been seen in some isolated areas in the southeast and south of Puerto Rico. As the morning progresses, the activity will continue to affect sectors to the south and in the afternoon it is expected over the interior and north of Puerto Rico as winds continue with those dominant elements from the south.”, explained the expert over the phone.

“Winds will shift a bit more from the southeast during the day, but that big impact (of rain) will continue inland and north,” he added.

Along with the risk of heavy rainfall, there is also the risk of urban flooding and waterlogged streams and roads, as much of the island’s soil is still saturated after the passage of Cyclone Fiona. , plus it rained in the last few days.

Likewise, any prolonged rain event can cause them to react, as some rivers run at or above normal levels.

The SNM forecast says rain may fall in any part of the island this Saturday, but the areas with the highest concentrations will be in the south, in the morning, then in the interior and north, in the afternoon.

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“These troughs are very unpredictable in terms of where the rain will fall. First they affect one area, then another… but so far the strongest is over the Caribbean,” says Colon Bacon.

In addition to the risk of heavy rain and flooding, the meteorologist has warned that lightning and thundershowers may occur in various parts of the island and over the local sea.

Also, there is a limited risk of extreme heat in some parts of the north-central part of the island. Heat indices in that area can fluctuate between 102 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Meanwhile, sea conditions are expected to remain relatively calm with two to four feet in the Atlantic and one to three feet in the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, there is a moderate risk of sea currents on all beaches along the northern coast from Aguada to Fajardo, including the municipality of Culebra Island.

Winds around 17 miles per hour (15 knots), though gusty at times.

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