The WFE discovered the NFL Gold Mine with athletes, stadiums and WrestleMania

The most powerful sports league in America and the most influential sports entertainment company in the world. The NFL and WWE have things in common They are successful and equivalent “Exchange” skill For many years, with such ring superstars Brock Lesnar, Roman Reign, John John Y. The Rock I tasted the harsh nature of American football.

In the constant search for the best talent available on its teams, the company Vince McMahon He has turned to athletes from other disciplines with the aim of improving the public view. Strengths, skills, agility and endurance are the required qualities NFL To stand outside, as to be inside WWETherefore, there are common names that deserve the Hall of Fame for the synergy of these game monsters.

WWE wrestlers who played in the NFL

  • Brock Lesnar: One of the biggest attractions in the history of sports entertainment and who brought his talents to the UFC. During your college years, Animal He wore a helmet and his first contract with the WWE expired in 2004 because he tried NFL Con Los Minnesota Vikings.
  • The Rock: The The highest paid actor in the world Played on University of Miami As a defensive decision, his dream of becoming a professional never came true. In the event of financial bankruptcy, he decided to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather to train as a wrestler, and the world of entertainment on the ring and on the big screen was never the same.
  • Roman rule: The head of the table He is known as the company’s next legend, but he was a part of it before reaching the highest level in the WWE Minnesota Vikings y Jacksonville Jaguars As part of defensive teams.
  • John Cena: Life took him to Hollywood to star in successful films, but for a decade and a half he was the best face of WWE on this planet. Some people know that The Marine Selected as All Americans in NCAA Section III, At the center of the team Springfield College and Massachusetts.
  • Goldberg: Man Spear The catastrophe in history gained ruthless power with football NFL with Atlanta Falcons between 1992 and 1994. Also “returned to the grills” for the film Long yard He co-starred with Adam Chandler, along with other fighters such as Kevin Nash, The Great Kohli and Stone Gold Steve Austin.
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Some of the active WWE superstars who went through the National Football League: Mojo Rawli, Signed by Green Bay Packers, then to join Arizona Cardinals in 2010; Baron Corbin As an offensive line for the Indianapolis Golds and the Arizona Cardinals; Titus O’Neill, Prevented by injury from playing for the Jaguars in Jacksonville, but played in the Arena Football League.

NFL players appearing in WWE

In this relationship back and forth, we have also seen football stars engage in wrestling. Was recently Rob Krankowski as host of WrestleMania 36 And even held Championship 24/7, Although his seed was planted long ago in the 33rd edition of the Immortals Showcase, when he entered the ring to attack the Jinder Mahal.

They were long before Krankovsky William Perry y Lawrence Taylor, One of the best and most feared defenders in history. The refrigerator was in WrestleMania II during a Royal War, and was measured in the official fight against Bam Bom Piclow in the Second WrestleMania XI.

Also, we have seen other NFL stars expressing their mania World Wrestling Entertainment, Reminds Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews Shows the then World Heavyweight Championship during its celebration Super Bowl XLV.

NFL Stadiums as WrestleMania venues

And WrestleMania has been nicknamed the Lucha Libre Super Bowl While gladiators make history between 12 strings, there is a great need for the size of the event, the names to come together and the tickets to be once a year.

Third Edition Show shows WWE It was first carried out in 1987 nfl ground, Today Pontiac Silverdome de Detroit, Where more than 93 thousand people set an attendance record, which was broken until 2016 AT&T Stadium de los Dallas Cowboys, With more than 101 thousand fans.

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Atlanta, New York, Phoenix, Miami and New Orleans Other cities with NFL owners have added their assets to the maximum entertainment of sports-entertainment, and this is the turn of 2021. Tampa Bay, In Raymond James Stadium Of champions Buchanan, since hosting WrestleMania for the first time, In its 37th edition.

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