Kate Del Castillo talks about the rude people she has to work with

“As part of the premiere ofFall back” (Wix+), his new Cont what Producer, Kate del Castillo and Spanish actor Maxi ChurchesThey gave a promotional interview where the actress revealed it was elected Co-star her European friend to avoid working with men RudeHe called “Louds”, thus simplifying the scenarios Intimate Into a story that unfolds between betrayals and love at first sight.

When asked about the choice of co-star, Kate del Castillo It was clear to me who the actor was indicated The plan must be executed. “From the moment I read it, I said ‘it’s for Maxie’. First, she’s perfect for the character, and second, she’s a good friend of mine, she’ll take care of me, and I know I’ll be in good hands. And there’s love and respect between the two of them, and I want that to show on screen.” said the Mexican actress.

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