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Today is the 89th of January Eternal month For most of society during each beginning of the year this has a scientific explanation.

No, I’m not crazy, it’s normal to wake up for several days and the month has not yet changed on the calendar.

The days go by slower and slower Emotions rule the routinewhich becomes heavier in the early days of the year.

When in doubt Why does January last so long? Experts on the subject have come to a conclusion that is supported by science.

December vacation is over

The brain has a neurotransmitter function It is responsible for behavior, motor activity, cognition, motivation, sleep, mood, and learning.

Which means it depends on your situation how you perceive time, eg drDuring the holidays, time seems to pass faster than usual.

This is because the happiness caused by celebrations with friends or family releases a large amount of dopamine, a substance linked to motivation.

At the end of these happy moments, we must Accept the return to reality and resume the routinewhich makes the next few days the heaviest of the year.

Science confirms this

Zhenguang Kai, prof Specialist in time perception with a PhD in experimental psychology, He explains that resuming work after a few days off over Christmas leads to boredom.

This is due to the comparison of dates as some focus on vacations and others on work commitments and responsibilities.

If there is a lack of motivation, It adds to the weight that makes the days of January seem much longer and so much slower, that makes the month seem eternal.

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Also, during the month of January, there are no bridges or days off, so it gets a little more boring for many.

a matter of attitude

The situation regarding the conception of January can be understood by representing it with waiting time in a restaurant

If you are told upon entering the premises that you have to wait 10 minutes to be allocated a table, this cycle seems like an eternity if you arrive hungry, in a bad mood and time is running out.

On the other hand, if your attitude is calm, you go with friends and you have a good time, those same 10 minutes will pass in the blink of an eye.

With the arrival of January after December, people begin to realize the time when they will begin to pay off the debts they accumulated during the holidays.

On the other hand, this month is the beginning of new goals, objectives and purposes, even as the days go by and they are still not achieved, inhibition of motivation appears and becomes a factor that makes time be realized more slowly.

Cold does not help in these cases

to be in the winter of the year, The days seem shorter as it gets dark earlier But eternal with no end though it is dark.

The weather is a key factor in time perception, as a positive attitude disappears when you have difficulties getting out of bed in the morning due to a cold.

Everything would be better if you could stay home, but you know that Your obligations and debts cannot be resolved alone.

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In short, there are a whole host of reasons that come together to make January seem endless, so could February be any closer?

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