The US Southern Command closely follows the situation in Venezuela: “This is an illegal state, the ELN and the FARC are gaining ground.”

Admiral Craig Fowler, President of the Southern Command (EFE)

The US Southern Command confirmed that it was closely monitoring the situation in Venezuela. “It is a lawless state, with ELN and FARC gaining territory“, Admitted the Admiral Craig Fowler, Head of the Southern Command; And general David Bellon, New Director of Southern Command Marine Equipment.

In conversation with The Voice of America, Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Chile Your strong allies in the fight against the challenges facing the China region.

They expressed that cooperation is through co-ordination and in the struggle against itTransnational criminal organizations“, Which is underlined”They are murderous criminal organizations that control territories and are well-funded We face a lot too Corruption”.

Bellon stressed the importance of continuous teamwork among all the military forces in the hemisphere. Terrorism.

“We understand that these threats are creating weaknesses in the region and undermining democracies, and that other governments want to use our friends in the region. So our message is, we are watching them and we will face these threats together., He said in an interview with the media.

Nicola Maduro
Nicola Maduro

The Venezuelan case

Admiral Craig Fowler He was worried about Criticizes the situation in which Venezuela is passing What is happening in the Caribbean is under the magnifying glass of the Southern Command, due to the instability it produces in the region.

What is happening inside Venezuela is essentially an illegal state, with the ELN, the FARC, gaining territory and working directly with the Nicolas Maduro regime for their own gain and for the suffering of their people.”, He noted.

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These statements agree with what has been said The Venezuelan Social Conflict Monitor (OVCS) in its April report, It pointed out The protests in Venezuela involved 1,144 economic, social, cultural and environmental rights, Which represents 76%. “Maintaining minimum living conditions for Venezuelans is increasingly difficult”, Assured OVCS.

“Part of the demands of the various workers’ demonstrations is to cover the basic food baskets, to live with dignity, to respect collective agreements, and to pay for the adequate conditions of the infrastructure and the tools to carry out their tasks,” the report said.

In addition, he pointed out that the health, education and basic industries led to major demonstrations in rejection of the unions. “For joining starvation wages”.

One of the vaccination demonstrations in Venezuela (REUTERS / Leonardo Fernandez Villoriat)
One of the vaccination demonstrations in Venezuela (REUTERS / Leonardo Fernandez Villoriat)

As an employer, the government does not guarantee workers’ rights And he insists on one Intimidation policy, arbitrary arrests, workplace harassment, without any guarantee”, He rebuked.

In this sense, COVID-19 exemplifies the struggle of health workers to be the first line against the epidemic, “They are doing their job without the government guaranteeing their right to health and protecting their lives.”

“In addition, as has happened in other unions, they reject pay migration to the Batria system, which has created countless delays,” he added.

Voluntary charity reports its conflict “It is not only an indicator of rights violations, but also a map of Venezuela’s concerns, The demand for their needs and solutions shows that there is a people who are constantly moving in a peaceful way and are constantly looking for a better quality of life ”.

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Venezuela has been experiencing hyperinflation in the wake of the deepening economic and social crisis affecting its lives, and has been burdened with a year of COVID-19 epidemic.

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