The United States has warned that it will reassess its relationship with Georgia if the controversial “Russian law” is implemented.

US threatens to review its relationship with Georgia if controversial “Russian law” is approved (REUTERS)

America He warned this Tuesday that he would reconsider his relationship Georgia If an initiative is approved Parliament of Georgia ' known asRussian lawBecause of its similarity to the norms in Russia It is used to silence enemies.

We are deeply concerned about Georgia's Kremlin-style legislation“said a spokesman for White House, Karine Jean-PierreAt a press conference.

He Parliament of Georgia The controversial law was approved on Tuesday with 83 votes in favor and 30 against and now goes to the hands of the President. Salome JurapishviliHe said he would veto it, although his decision could be overturned by another vote Parliament.

“Let's see what he does.” ParliamentBut if this law is passed, it will oblige us Fundamentally re-evaluate our relationship with Georgia“said a spokesman for White House.

He Joe Biden's government According to Opinion, it has already expressed its concerns about the law in recent weeks AmericaI will put Georgia More from European union (EU), from which it gained candidate country status for accession in June 2022 NATOHe maintains close relationships.

The plan, which was voted 83 in favor and 30 against, will now go to the president, Salome Zurabishvili, who has said she will veto it, although her decision could be overturned by another vote in parliament (Europa Press)

The law provides for the annual publication of reports by non-governmental organizations and media with more than 20% foreign contributions.

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The law has sparked massive protests Georgia And all day this Tuesday.

Slaves, slaves of Russia!“, protestors chanted against representatives of the ruling party, Suno Georgiou, who promoted the controversial law.

As seen in the live telecast of the plenary session of Parliament, in the House, there was an altercation between pro-government representatives and opposition legislators who demanded the withdrawal of the bill.

“The Georgian dream rests firmly on the European path and the defense of Georgian sovereignty. We will support all regulations that will allow Georgia to be even stronger and guarantee our security and democratic development,” said Archil Talakvatze, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Pro-Government Vice President.

Deputy of the opposition United National Movement, Guiorgui BotkoveliThe honorary leader of Georgian Dream, billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili, has been accused of negotiating with national interests to save his capital, which has been frozen by the West.

All traitors who vote in favor of this bill must seek the approval of the West” Bodkoveli emphasized.

“Slaves, slaves of Russia!” chanted representatives of the ruling party Georgian Dream over the controversial law (REUTERS/Irakli Gedenidze).

In defense of its program, the government does not impose criminal liability, only fines 9 thousand dollars If you refuse to disclose the origin of the money.

Officials explained the need for the legislation as more than 80 percent of this revenue is not transparent and could be used to destabilize the country ahead of the October 26 parliamentary elections.

Meanwhile, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov condemned “foreign interference” in Georgia.

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Like most countries in the world, we note the Georgian authorities' strong desire to protect the country against clear interference in its internal affairs. On the other hand, we see blatant foreign interference in Georgia's internal affairs,” he said at his daily press conference.

Peskov added that the Kremlin “hears threats of economic sanctions against Georgia if it passes a certain law.”

What is this if not direct interference in Georgia's internal affairs?”, he questioned.

On the other hand, he emphasized that “this is purely an internal matter of Georgia,” which is why Moscow has no intention of interfering.

(With information from EFE and AFP)

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