Video: Woman intercepts plane to get on her plane

A woman at an Australian airport shocked everyone when she walked down the runway and approached the plane during take-off. Although the circumstances have not been clarified, it is speculated that he was delayed for his flight and boarded the flight to be cleared. Fortunately, the pilot stopped in time and no one was injured. The situation was recorded by a witness at the scene.

Everything happened especially at the airport of Canberra, the capital of the maritime nation. There, passengers on a Quantaslink airline flight to Adelaide were surprised when the plane stopped suddenly after taxiing on the runway, local media 9News reported. The surprising reason for the delay was later revealed and shown on social media.

She went to the runway to stop the plane that took off without her

According to eyewitnesses, a woman escaped airport security until she ran and boarded the runway. Surprisingly, he did it easily and reached the plane without much difficulty. There was consternation among the passengers who were watching the scene from inside the terminal.

Images captured by one of the witnesses correspond to the end of the sequence. After approaching the plane and the pilot stopping abruptly before take-off, the alleged passenger walked around the plane and calmly walked towards the airport.

Although it has not been clarified in detail, at least publicly, the official hypothesis about the case is that the protagonist of the dangerous scene missed the plane, and the reaction was intended to stop it, or at least to attract attention. The woman was arrested following the incident on Wednesday afternoon.

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