The United States has put pressure on the election and Bolsanaro’s threats against Hawaii

The United States last week pressed Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro to end its threats to Brazil’s 2022 election process, and asked not to select Chinese company Huawei for 5G operations in the country.

This was pointed out this Monday by a delegation led by Jack Sullivan, the person in charge of Latin America in the White House National Security Council and the US President’s National Security Adviser who visited Brazil last Thursday. Biden ..

During a meeting with Bolzano, Sullivan and Gonzalez explained that “Brazilian companies are very direct in expressing great confidence in the ability to conduct free and fair elections, with the necessary guarantees to avoid fraud.”

“We emphasize the importance of not undermining confidence in the process, especially when there are no signs of fraud in previous elections,” Gonzalez told a news conference.

Brazil is facing an institutional crisis over Bolzano’s disgraceful campaign against the current electronic voting system and Brazilian election officials, who say he wants to support former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (2003-2010 in the 2022 election).

Sullivan and his deputies were “very outspoken” on the matter, adding that “given some parallels” to the situation in the United States last year, “early elections’ were invalid.” Gonzalez.

However, the official denied that the delegation had spoken openly about former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) questioning the voting system in the United States before the November 2020 elections. .

Bolzano, one of Trump’s key allies in the world, during the US election campaign last year, openly criticized and now disqualified President Biden.

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The meeting last Thursday was an attempt by both governments to begin the blocking process, although Sullivan and Gonzalez raised other thorny issues, such as “concerns about Huawei’s potential role in Brazil’s telecommunications infrastructure.”

They warned Bolsanaro that Hawaii “has major problems with its semiconductor supply chain and that its international customers could be trapped” or that China should prioritize its national 5G deployment with “substandard” equipment. “

Brazil has not yet clarified whether it will accept Hawaii as a partner in any group in the bid for 5G operations to be held by the end of this year, but it has indicated that it will not participate in the activities of the exclusive network for the government that uses that technology.

Sullivan left Brazil without “any commitment” from the Brazilian government regarding Hawaii and the auction, but Gonzalez said the two governments had agreed to have a serious dialogue on the matter.

The official also denied rumors that Washington may have conditioned Brazil’s permanence as a US strategic military ally outside NATO.

The delegation, which met with Argentine President Alberto Fernandez during a visit to Buenos Aires last Friday, pressured him not to hold talks.

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