How to enable Google Maps Dark Mode on iOS

This feature has been available for Android devices for several months (Photo: REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration / File Photo)

As part of new updates iOS devices There is a new special function especially for those who want to use dark tones in all applications Google Maps.

Dark mode has been around for a long time on iOS phones because it has been included on all devices since it came out Operating System Version 13. But, even if it allows to change everything related to the interface of cell phones, Many applications did not join the change Immediately.

Google Maps is an application that allows Android users to use Dark Mode at any time, or better yet, change the selected mode for the computer from the device that uses it.

If you are one of those people IPhone You want to test this innovation yourself, then follow the steps below:

1 Open the app Google Maps

2 Go to Setting up

3. Search in the middle Activities And touch “The Dark Way”

4. Choose “Activated” And ready

Once you have completed these steps You have already changed the whole look of the app Contrary to the traditional look of the software, in dark tones without much focus and without too much light.

This Dark Mode is very useful in cases where users need it Check directions to get to a place by walking at night or in a dark place. This can be a great option for those who simply want everything on the screen to look blurry.

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With the addition of Dark Mode comes this update for the iOS app New functions Possibility on stage See how the traffic routes are Close to where the user decides to review and Adding shortcut buttons at the bottom of the search bar For quick access to places like your workplace or nearby interested restaurants.

One of the announced innovations of Google Maps for Apple devices will be very significant Share users’ location in real time Within iMessage chats, a function similar to that provided by WhatsApp, in this case it would be specific to the iOS news site. However, it is not yet certain when it will officially come on Apple devices.

Many new features are coming to both iPhones and iPods as newer versions of the operating system are getting closer and closer, so it would not be strange if we continue to learn about new features and capabilities for upcoming updates.


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