Polilo Gomez’s review: His time is up, he should think about retiring, says George Permades | Video | Colombian Soccer | Bedplay League

Independent medalist BetPlay II-2021 did not launch the league as fans expected. He has four draws, three of which are 0-0, and Coulos has not scored 1-1 against Toradas since the first game.

The results are not helpful and the football viewed by the powerful is not exciting either. From now on there is a designated one: Hernan Tario Gomez. The coach promised to change the picture this semester and could not comply.

Well now, from journalist Jorge Permdes ‘ESPN’, He started harsh criticism against ‘Pollillo’, who suggested he retire because he did not see the possibility of improving the DIM situation or improving his players.

“I don’t know if Medellin ‘Pollillo’ has the potential to improve with Gomez. I do not know how far Primer ‘Pollillo’ will go to improve football on DIM. I may be wrong, hopefully for Medellin fans,” Permides said.

Controversial and spicy journalist continued: “I hope the technician finds a way, but I do not know if he has this method. ‘

“His game is very basic: his four lines are just that … but we have to improve it, we have to improve the players. I always see the same thing, a team with many difficulties to play, difficulties in creating target situations.”

(See 1:52 to 3:03)

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