The trial against Alina Barbara López begins amid persecution by Cuban supporters.

“I accuse: Before Cuban and international public opinion, The State security agenciesEspecially for the Brigadier General of the Ministry of Home Affairs Alejandro Castro Espin, Director of Intelligence and Counter Intelligence of the Security Services State security and the Secretary of Defense and National Security of the Republic of Cuba, who are responsible for the daily abuses and illegal activities in my country that prevent defenseless citizens from exercising their rights,” it begins. A position Cuban academic Alina Barbara Lopez, Posted on your Facebook profile A few hours before a trial Disobedience is a crime.

A teacher who lives in Madanzas, the political police throughout Monday “An attack on a large number of people They have been summoned to police stations, threatened and kept outside their homes so agents cannot leave.”

“This outrage against decent citizens who have broken no law. They have come to the point of confiscating ID cards and threatening to arrest them for being undocumented if they don’t have them. Let go. Undocumented citizens are a crime A complaint can be filed in the prosecutor’s office about this,” he said.

Lopez explained that the threatened population includes “men and women, the young and the underserved.” Young people, university students and workers, white and black; Catholics, Freemasons, an Orthodox and others without religious beliefs; representatives of the heterosexual and LGBTI community; Socialist minded people and other political preferences, in short…a representative microcosm of Cuban citizenship.”

Most of them Harassed by state security Don’t want to make it public, though Young Raymer Aguado Hernandez chose to complain. In his social networks he wrote this Monday that a man came to his house last Saturday afternoon. The police officer identified himself as Ernesto Vieira, the chief of department in his neighborhood, Key West, Central Havana.

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Aguado explained that the document forced him to appear at the station The Central Havana Police is located at Calle Janja corner Dragons, this Monday the 27th at 2:00 p.m. The summons warned that it was “for the purpose of being interviewed for the commission of a possible crime.”

“I do not know the reason why I was called and I understand that such a procedure is arbitrary. Repressive organs of the state, which does not provide information that makes their intentions obvious. Furthermore, I do not recognize these coercive practices as legal. I will appear in the aforementioned section only for the peace of mind of my parents, dedicated workers and senior citizens who do not deserve to be traumatized by the malpractice of the Cuban political authority governing its administration; “They have had enough of the dangerous situation that surrounds us,” said the young man, who was a contributor to the media. Rialta, Inverted tree One Young Cuba.

“I reiterate that I do not recognize the legitimacy of this practice, which I understand as a threatening method because of my critical stance against the system. I make it clear again that I will not, or will not, abandon my ideas. My political responsibility And I will leave my books,” he asserted. This Tuesday he took the opportunity to recall that “injustice will be done against my dear friend. By Assumption of Disobedience, Alina (Barbara) She will be tried by the shameful strategy of political power. “I endorse her, publicly, with my support.”

Upon leaving the trial With state protectionAguado said he was taken back to his home Police patrolAccording to First Lt. Evelio, my freedom of movement would be hindered “for a long time.” Department of State Security“, he pointed out in a photo attached to his post, as the person “around the next corner”. Your classic Suzuki“.

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“Everyone should reject my participation in an unfair trial Professor Alina Barbara Lopez Hernandez It will be held in Matanzas tomorrow,” he noted.

Another one Harassed by state security He was a teacher Dmitry Prito Samsonovk, activist and founder of the Cuban Critical Observatory. The Academic Freedom Observatory condemned on its social networks “Harassment by state security against the investigator“And agents and members in plain clothes during this Monday National Revolutionary Police (PNR), on the ground floor of Dimitri’s building, is posted with a clear warning about restricting circulation.”

“I was a teacher, not an oppressor. Do you feel the difference, Sergeant?” Brito wrote on his Facebook profile.

For its part, the Havana historian and anthropologist Jenny PantojaHe shared his house on his Facebook page surrounded By seven ruling members including Police and state security agents.

before the hourPandoja had reprimanded Detained on arrival in Matanzas He added that the agents confiscated his phone from the train. Then, “began a quick but difficult road to Havana,” he said.

On his return to the capital, he said he was threatened with prosecution for “resisting arrest”. At the checkpoint Gateway to HavanaHe explained, he could see it Police officers “They searched every car that went to (…) MatanzasOne by one, including private taxis, right.” They opened everyone’s trunk and shined a light inside to see the seats. “It was a thorough, comprehensive search,” he said.

“At one point some red berets came. When they came down, I was horrified. They were almost children,” Pantoja said. She is under house arrestAs an agent who identified himself as Pablo told him.

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“He says I can’t leave my house. I can’t go to Madanzas. I told him it was unconstitutional and that citizens would be free unless we were under a sentence or a judge’s order. Constitution of Cuba Freedom of movement is a right,” he said. He regretted not joining Alina Barbara In their protests.

He Educational Freedom Observatory The action against the activist is considered part of a “repressive escalation” which is “related to the investigation”. Educator Dr. Alina Barbara“Whom they want to single out from the start of persecution for his claim to civil rights.”

In his publication, Alina Barbara Lopez Some oppressors have said that She plans “a general disorder”. And “they have the right to prevent that from happening.”

Also, since yesterday, they have been installing the equipment on the telephone poles outside Matanzas Municipal Court There will be a trial where I will be charged with the crime of insubordination. I imagine they will be internet connection blockers and surveillance cameras,” he said.

“The real reason Very oppressive and preemptive fear. But I assure you: I am not calling anyone to demonstrate or create disturbances. Unlike you, I believe in people’s personal and ethical responsibility. I believe that too In Cuba we are living a new historical moment Crises do not occur unless social activists take them into account. “The question at stake now is not ‘if we should change,’ but ‘how to do it,'” Lopez concluded in his release.

Lopez Hernandez The judgment will be delivered on November 28 At Madanzas for the crime of insubordination, for refusing to accept a summons Cuban police It violated legal and constitutional norms. An intellectual will be punished with imprisonment of up to one year.

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