“Real” is the word of 2023, driven by the rise of AI

Merriam-Webster’s word for 2023 is “authentic.” (AP Photo/Stephen Savoia, File)

Real “authentic” in Spanish has been declared the “Word of the Year 2023” by the American company that publishes the popular dictionary. Merriam-Webster The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and social networks has led to a significant increase in searches for the word.

Technology Principal Elon Musk And singer Taylor Swift They are some of the famous people who like a term that has many meanings, although the main one is that it means “not fake or imitation”.

“The rise of AI has helped create interest in the word,” he says Peter SokolowskiMerriam-Webster’s editor-at-large, in a statement.

“The line between real and ‘fake’ is increasingly blurred. As a result, in social media and marketing, authenticity has become the gold standard for building trust, and paradoxically, authenticity has become a performance,” he added.

Celebrities like Elon Musk and Taylor Swift often use the word “authentic” when communicating with their audiences.

“Real” beats words like “ris,” which is slang for charm or glamor, or “deepfake,” which according to Merriam-Webster is “an image or recording plausibly altered and manipulated to misrepresent what someone is doing or saying.” Massachusetts publisher with more than 180 years of history According to the statement, something that was not actually done or said.

“True to one’s personality, spirit, or character” and “true” won the annual title for its meaning of “genuine” and “present.” According to the report, “the way people think, write, desire and judge” is “realer” than ever.

Searches for the word in the dictionary, which have always had a significant volume, “significantly increase in 2023, driven by stories and conversations about artificial intelligence, popular culture, identity and social networks.”

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While clearly a desirable quality, authenticity is difficult to define and subject to debate, two reasons many people turn to dictionaries, Merriam-Webster said.

Source: EFE

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