The government is raising RD $ 10,000 in civil and police pensions

President Louis Abinader on Monday ordered an increase of RD $ 10,000 in all active civil pensions, effective this month, and will also benefit retirees for survival of the fittest. .

The initiative will have an economic impact of approximately RD $ 2,380,000 by 2022. It will also affect more than 92,627 civilian pensioners across the country, “said President George W. Bush, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

The move has already been used for police pensions provided from the national budget last December, and more than 6,537 police pensioners will benefit and 150,000,000 pesos will be invested, Abinader said.

Between the two groups, the implementation of the process of balancing pensions has a total impact of over 2,580,000 pesos on the national budget.

Similarly, with an investment of 762 million pesos, the head of state announced that the number of beneficiaries of the grant regime’s solidarity pension would increase to “a 27% increase compared to 2021”.

Adviser to the Executive Power of Antoliano Perralda also attended the event; Minister of Labor, Louis Miguel de Camps; Raphael “Pepe” Abrew, President of the National Council of Trade Unions; Director General of Budget, Jose Rijo Pressport et al.

Abinader used his first activity of the year to wish the Dominican community well with opportunities, work and progress this year.

Former sugarcane workers

The president also announced a RD $ 10,000 pension for 484 former sugarcane workers.


In 2021, the government provided 12,000 solidarity pensions for the elderly, disabled and single mothers, up from 3,049 in December 2020.

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