The transformation of public space in Cali advances at a good pace

The landscaping and environmental intervention initiated in three important road separators of the city is advancing rapidly, in February the corridors that little by little will transform Cali into a more functional, friendly and beautiful capital will be ready.

Carreras 66 and 39 and Avenida 6ª A, have another face since their public road reserve space was impacted environmentally and architecturally with materials that move away from the traditional concrete used in the last 50 years.

Carlos Alfonso, Salazar Sarmiento, technical director of the Special Administrative Unit for the Management of Goods and Services, Uaegbs, indicated “we have already intervened three corridors, we are close to finishing race 66 and 6th A avenue. Some very small details are missing, the 39 has already begun the demolition of Roosevelt Avenue up to 5th in a comprehensive intervention of platforms and curbs in section 2, we hope to deliver these completely renovated spaces in the month of February”.

Regarding environmental intervention, Cristian Muñoz, agronomist of the Unit of Goods and Services explained “the road separators were intervened environmentally in the arboreal component by means of assisted microinfusion, control of the arable ant that affected the plant species planted, grass grass was planted type braid resistant to the dry season of Cali and landscaping to beautify the city”.

This project will recover 4,100 meters in its first phase, there are already nine pedestrian crossings ready to allow pedestrians and people with reduced mobility to get from one place to another without having to overcome obstacles.

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The civil engineer, Edwin Escobar, stated that “the metal bars were installed so that people do not go through the soft areas and use the steps on the deck, which apart from beautifying architecturally, are permeable and allow water to pass through and feed the arboreal individuals, it is a new component, colorful and people are attracted to it, the useful life outdoors is between 15 and 20 years”.

The district administration of Mayor Jorge Iván Ospina will carry out annual maintenance so that they are sustained over time, and also plans to replicate this initiative in new points: Carrera 103 on Cañasgordas Avenue and the Alemán School and Sixth Avenue in front of Chipichape up to Calle 44 north.

The goal is to start these new works in the middle of the year and at the end of this government deliver an embellished and recovered city with its public space at the service of the environment as well as the citizens.

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Publication date 01/26/2022

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