Caliber 50 has a candidate to cover singer Eden Munoz

Departed a few days ago after the important news of Eden Munoz, Leaves the course as a singer in the band Caliber50, There are already rumors of a possibility Replace.

Although Eden already has his plans as a soloist, he is set to launch his first production of this genre very soon. Singer He has already proposed to sing with his former band.

It was Carlos Sarabia The Former singer From Banda El Recoto, He had a note with some photos on his social networks in which you can see how they edited his face on the band’s singer, very funny pictures for his fans and enthusiasts of the Mexican region.

Of course The translator He was funny about it, users came up with suggestions on how he could be a new singer, maybe this new voice might surprise the public.

Of course, there are many who believe he will be much better with the Caliber 50, however, he has not decided to deny anything about it, there are still possibilities.

Carlos Sarabia Instagram

Carlos Sarabia uploaded the pictures of his proposal as a singer of Caliber 50.

The truth is that nothing has been confirmed and we will continue to wait to see what the future holds for this group that has become so popular and is currently looking for someone to fill a void and fill it in a good way. .

For now, social networking users will continue to put forward their proposals, contributing with some of the funniest versions we have seen today, but there is also the possibility of a serious proposal that we have all been waiting for.

At Show News, we will continue to focus on communicating messages and, of course, delivering messages to you while the official singer is already there to fill the space left by Munos.

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