The team against the Guardianes de Fubon solidified the Cuban lineup

Armando Johnson’s side will have two practice games on the same day (at least for our latitudes). At 6:00 am (Cuba time) they will measure forces against the Fuban Guardians, and at 11:00 pm the rival Weichuan Dragons.

It is important to remember that the Cuban team representing the Cuban Baseball Federation succumbed to their first-morning opponent two days ago by a tight score of 2×1.

At that point, Alfredo Despain’s powerful home run only served to galvanize Cuba for the team’s only score from the Antilles.

In this match, Cuba’s lineup is obvious, except for the opener, which has not changed.

Cuba team lineup

  1. Royal Santos (LF)
  2. Yoelkis Guibert (CF)
  3. Erispel Arruberuna (SS)
  4. Alfredo Despine (DH)
  5. Yadir Drake (1B)
  6. Dayan Garcia (3B)
  7. Euryspel Gracial (RF)
  8. Andries Perez (C)
  9. Yadil Mujica (2B)
  10. Jose R. Rodriguez (B)

With the selection of these players, Team Cuba is looking for a way out of a negative streak of three matches without a win.

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