The streets of Buriris are filled with science

streets Pureris They filled in last Saturday with Young students of the first and second grades of ESOsome Three hundred, all participating in the Festa de les Matemàtiques This is for eleven editions Organized by XEIX, Societat Balear de Matemàtiquesto elect those who will be our representatives in a race An annual sporting event that takes place on a regular basis in an autonomous region.

adventure these Young people between the ages of 13 and 14started in the morning In Es porreres, in their classrooms were given so-called individual tests, which consisted of answering questions on geometry, calculus or algebra, but without any outside help. Once this type of exam was completed, what was most entertaining for young students began: the Gym bed.

These hundreds of students (some from Ivissa), who formed teams of three, received a card indicating challenges In addition to the different places in the city they had to go to solve it and thus get points, with the help of the plans they were given or by using the GPS in their mobile phone.

There were hours of comings and goings that filled the streets of de Borreres the scientific activity.

Gincam was the most fun test for the students. |

It was already after 1:00 pm when the students, parents and teachers after the adventure went to the Auditori section for end partywhich consisted of an informational session by Pere Estelrich i Massutí, entitled It’s not magic, it’s matemàtiques and in which the collaborator of this newspaper played surprising gamesbut always on a scientific basis and asking volunteers for help.

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Needless to say, there were many who wanted to go on stage to become Temporary witches. “We’re going to turn this theater into Hogwarts’ dining room,” the speaker remarked sarcastically at the beginning of the session.

End the entertainment/science day with a read by Juryfrom name The winnerswhich will be the ones that will compete this year and next, in sporting subjects, with those of other Spanish communities.

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