The Strawberry Super Moon can be seen with the naked eye from 7:45 pm

The Puerto Ricans can appreciate an impressive astronomical phenomenon that can be seen with the naked eye from 7:45 pm today, when the full Super Moon event takes place from this afternoon until Wednesday morning.., Report Astronomical Society of Puerto Rico (SAPR) by written notices.

A supermoon event occurs at the full moon phase நிலாThis is the only natural satellite EarthCorresponds when its perigee or its elliptical or oval orbit reaches the point closest to the Earth. Because the Oval has an orbit, there are times when the Moon is closest to the Earth and far away.

The National Aviation and Space Administration (NASA in English) states that the distance between the Earth and the Moon varies from 224,000 to 249,000 miles. The closest point the Moon reaches in its orbit around the Earth is called the perigee. Meanwhile, the farthest point between the Moon and the Earth in the said orbit is called the apogee.

The moon reaches these points approximately every 28 days, which corresponds to the length of the lunar cycle, NASA added. However, Supermoon does not always occur when Perigee occurs because it must coincide with the full moon phase. When this combination occurs, the Moon will appear 14 to 17 percent larger and 30 percent brighter.

When the Moon is at its full moon phase and at its farthest point, it is called a micromune.

Since the first full moon comes in June, this event is called the Strawberry Supermoon. However, he explained that the moon was not associated with the possibility of showing strawberry-like color, but rather because it was the name given by some Native American tribes to the harvest time of strawberries. Professor Juan Villafane, President of SAPR.

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“Today’s full supermoon is commonly referred to by many as the strawberry moon, but the moon never turns red or pink. Because it’s close to Earth, it’s only going to be 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than normal, ”Villafan added.

This phenomenon can be seen with the naked eye after sunset, although those with binoculars can see the lunar surface with greater visibility than at other times in its rotation and orbit.

Experts believe that after its most impressive point exits, its magnitude will be estimated and it will occur when it is close to the horizon.

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