The Spanish judge has approved the extradition of Claudia Patricia Diaz, a former nurse to Hugo Chavez.

The Spanish National Court has approved the extradition of Claudia Patricia Diaz Gillan (Europa Press).

Approved by the Spanish National Court Extradition of Claudia Patricia Diaz to the United States, It seeks a conspiracy to convert foreign currency in favor of businessman Royal Coron to a money laundering and criminal organization.

In a familiar car this Friday Judges believe the offenders have been given requirements for deportation..

According to the Federal Court of the Southern District of Florida (USA), From 2008 to 2017 Koran Belisario, along with Diaz Gillan and her husband Adrian Velasquez Fikurova, were involved in a “corruption maneuver”. In connection with a foreign exchange transaction made by the Venezuelan government in exchange for a bribe.

Gillan, who served as treasurer of the Savista government, is known as the nurse of the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. And her husband, who was Cadillo’s bodyguard, are pending a National High Court ruling deporting him for the same events.

In 2019, the Spanish National Court refused to deport Gillan and her husband to Venezuela, as well as the accountant of the state oil company PDVSA, taking into account the circumstances of their departure, endangering their integrity.

Now, The former head of the Venezuelan treasury accepts the offer to the United States In light of the documents provided by the authorities of that country last year.

Claudia Patricia Theas Gillan (EFE / Javier Lison)
Claudia Patricia Theas Gillan (EFE / Javier Lison)

According to the document, Goran paid hundreds of millions of dollars to gain the right to participate in foreign exchange transactions It earned him hundreds of millions of dollars.

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In his strategy, Koran, among others, promised, authorized and corrupted officials of the Venezuelan regime, including two national treasurers, Alejandro Andr செs Sedeno and Claudia Patricia Diaz Gillen.To gain undue advantage in acquiring and retaining the right to conduct foreign exchange transactions at favorable rates”.

According to US officials, the payments were made in secret. Goran Shell used bank accounts owned by companies and concealed numerous bribes to Thias Gillan Paying for her husband rather than paying her directly.

Between 2011 and 2013 the businessman paid a bribe At least $ 65 million For the benefit of the claimant party through account transfers from Switzerland to the United States.

Except for bribes, Goran also paid for private jets, boats, mansions, champion horses, watches and other luxury items..

In their resolution, the Spanish judges rejected arguments opposing the deportation of the offender, among whom are already being investigated for the same events in Spain, as well as the fact that having received Spanish nationality in April 2021 may be a reason for denial of delivery. .

Regarding the first arguments, the judges consider that this is not the same facts that she is being investigated in this country, but the reason for the denial of Spanish nationality and its roots. Weigh the seriousness and reject the handing over of nationalities such as ties or roots in the country.

(With information from EFE)


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