The Senate rejects the appointment of the Secretary of Education

The appointment was rejected by the Senate Magali Rivera Rivera as Secretary of Education.

The legislature voted in favor of the appointment, which was rejected by 14 senators, with 12 in favor.

This is the second appointment to the head of the Department of Education (DS) who has not passed the legislative sieve. Last month, Governor Pierre Lucia withdraws the appointment of Elba Aponde After the Senate Appointments Committee issued a negative report on the nominee.

In today’s session, Senator Thomas Rivera summoned Rivera Rivera (PNP) Rivera Appropriate person To seize control of the DS. He warned that it would become part of the issue if the Senate rejected the appointment Departure for education.


Rivera visited Rivera last Monday Appointments Committee, In which senators are required to present a specific plan such as school recession and reopening of schools. Subsequently, the Commission issued a negative statement About the nominee.

Rivera The negative statement about Rivera’s appointment, as well as the other three posts, led to the convening of the President of the Senate of Pierre, Jose Dolmav, To take appointments for a vote in the full session of the Legislature.

Of the four appointments that received negative reports, two were confirmed Friday in the Senate and two were rejected..

Position Carmen Ana Gonzalez as Family Secretary And that Ray Quinones as Head of Sports and Entertainment, When Senate Rivera hangs Rivera and Javish Colaso ​​as fire department commissioners.

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