NASA captures Curiosity rover on Mars similar to France

Madrid /

High resolution Hiris camera at NASA’s MRO Orbiter on MarsCuriosity captures Rover climbing Mont Merco, There are vast cliffs on a French hill, you can not believe what it looks like.

The gale crater, embedded in these Martian landscape features, is about 150 kilometers wide and Mount Sharp is more than 5 kilometers in total. Here we tell you That is why it attracts so much attention from the American space agency.

The rover is about the size of a small car, currently located near and above a cliff 20 feet high.

The rover had previously drilled rocks at the base of the cliff. The University of Arizona, which operates the Hris camera, said scientists are interested in comparing rocks from below to explore how changes can be related to the appearance of rocks exposed on a cliff.

The image has a pixel size of 26-centimeters, indicating that most features can be fixed to a surface a few pixels wide (slightly less than a meter wide).


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