Attention: This is how the bill and ID work to get a passport from today

If you are going to get a Colombian passport, keep in mind that from this Monday, a pilot program will be implemented at headquarters at Call 53. This provided a greater number of requests for the upcoming holiday season.

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So what happens from today? The planning of appointments will continue to apply to the Northern Headquarters and the Central Headquarters; It will be headquartered in Calle 53, and from this November 29, a pilot program will be used to process Colombian passports without the need to request appointments.

There will be opening time 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., And the Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarifies that changes will be made according to the capacity of attention within this time frame.

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During the week from November 29 to December 3, 2021, the service will be provided to users with the last digit of their identity document.

In passport applications for minors, the last digit of the citizenship card or the identity document of one of their parents or guardians will be taken into account.

So that would be the pinnacle and the sign

Monday 29 November: Cédulas discontinued 0 and 1

Tuesday 30 November: Cédulas discontinued 2 and 3

Wednesday 1 December: Certifications suspended 4 and 5

Thursday 2 December: Certifications suspended 6 and 7

Friday 3 December: Certifications suspended 8 and 9

What requirements do you need to meet?

Before activating their passport, the user should check the requirements on the Presidential Palace page where the procedure is explained: Here

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What recommendations should you follow?

Every citizen who decides to apply for a passport with this pilot scheme should take into account the following:

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1. Prior to transfer of attention, verification of documents and fulfillment of requirements for issuance of passport will be carried out.

2. If the user meets the requirements, By checking your fingerprint, you will be focused, Which will ensure Only the person to whom the passport is issued will receive a return Or, in the case of minors, the father, mother or legal representative during the process with them.

3. There is no cost for shifts and will be allocated according to the order of arrival And they cannot be modified or used by users other than those assigned to them.

4. Only the number of shifts that can be attended at the headquarters during the day will be allocated.

5 Allocated shift refers to the estimated hours of attention, as well as the monitoring and advisory mechanism for the progress of previously assigned changes.

6. Headquarters entry will be allowed for the passport process Not less than 2 hours from the time indicated in the allotted change.

7. All users must adhere to the social space, comply with life safety protocols and follow the instructions of the staff at the passport office.

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