The second part of Cuban reggaeton comes to light “Yo Me Eriso”.

“Yo Me Eriso” After Reggaeton's Brutal SuccessCreated from a combination of three followers' voices Miguel Diaz-Canel The excitement caused by the ruler's visit to the Granma community of Rio Gado showed to the official press that its creator was encouraged to create a second part.

This time, the three female protagonists of the first memes appeared alongside popular Influencer Cuba Lucy Sosa And The youtuber Clara Cabrera (Clarita the Magnificent), a convicted event organizer The case of the millionaire Influencer Alexander Otola.

The second part of the memes showed three women from Río Gado, with interspersed pieces of two other women deported during Díaz-Canel's visit in January. Sosa “Ping…!” While seeming to scream, Cabrera's piece shows her lying on the floor in a convulsive state typical of a seance.

Created by Instagram user losmemesdeluis1Both videos mock the collective hysteria represented by the official press about the governor's visit to Río Cauto, trying to portray him as a “hard-working and enthusiastic” people who loved him.

For one of the now elderly women, the visit “was like seeing God Fidel again.” “I loved them both with my life,” said the excited woman, referring to the dictator and the leader of the so-called “continuity”.

“I'm going to be a hedgehog” became the phrase Popular topics And the memes created out of it went viral. Faced with such success, the author of Reggaeton decided that it was worth getting more out of it and gave his followers a second part, which promises to be as successful as the first part.

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