How much battery should be charged to make cell phone last longer?

Nowadays, it is essential to have a good mobile device with all the necessary features to perform daily tasks, but, in addition to the latest technological advances, a good battery is essential, if you want to take care of it, this is the percentage to connect to recharge the cell phone.

On more than one occasion, users need to make an emergency call, quickly send a message or take a photo, but the battery percentage stops them because it is too low and they need to charge the cell phone.

Cell phone batteries usually run out due to prolonged use. However, they can increase performance by charging the device to a certain percentage.

What percentage of charge should your cell phone reach to make the battery last longer?

The nightmare of all cell phone users is that the battery takes time to reduce its percentage. Even if there are devices with a good battery, sooner or later, it runs out and you need to connect power devices.

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