I am tired and sad that I was so wrong

Writing CubitaNOW ~ Monday May 1, 2023

Cuban journalist Julita Osenti has admitted her disappointment that she lost her life relying on a plan created by Fidel Castro.

Regarding May 1, Labor Day, Osendi recalls what the date meant in the past. This year fuel shortage forced the government to cancel the celebration.

“I woke up because sleep was the best way to escape from this reality and my heart was blocked by all the roads in the May Day march that was boasting revolution,” he said.

“But hey, what I wanted to tell you wasn’t from Javier. It’s from May Day, a true example of how destroyed my country is. May Day is synonymous with happiness, life, prosperity. For better or worse, Cubans marched, and there was always hope for a better future. They fought for a better future. They believed in a better future. My friends… hope was raw and a goat ate it,” he added.

Julita provided a summary of the crisis in the country, where authorities are removing even the bare minimum.

“Even the sad hen, who peered sternly, took from us for two meals. From the famous “package” they sell us, so expensive, they already took the oil bottle from the two initials. . The package of puppies is the same. At the butcher’s shop, for the base basket, they “They only sell a few eggs that haven’t held up for a week and minced eggs? A disgusting bologna that even my cat doesn’t want to eat,” he questioned.

“At least a quarter of a million Cubans have left, where is their food?

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Three days ago I was in an orthopedic hospital where, I’m not going to mention, a man younger than my age was crying. They plate him up and I hear a nurse yell down the hall: Gentleman! Does anyone have a stash of plaster?

The man cries out in pain, no plaster. What May Day are we going to celebrate?” he said.

“What this government wants is for us not to eat; however, they are getting fatter every day, and pink, and their buttons are bursting. How long?” he questioned.

“One of my favorite traditional children’s stories involves this misrule. Of course, they know I mean Pinocchio. And of course, in a new version, because the nose has continued and will continue. No electricity, no gasoline, no food, no medicine, and on May 1st. , please, please, a leader is going to distribute a bottle of oil as a feat, is still on television today. Every four months, have you seen a big joke?”

“Cuba is an island where there is no fish, shrimp or lobster. Go to the houses of fat men and you will surely find them. You know? I’m so tired and sad, I’m so tired and sad for being wrong. The most sad thing is that this Machiavellian and the worst He lost his life believing in a lie.”

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