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star Wars It is one of the most legendary epics in the history of cinema and science fiction. Brought into the world Written by the famous George LucasSpace History Today It has one of the biggest fans.

The universe born from Lucas ideas For many it is One of the most complete and complicated in imagination. However, something Not everyone asked He is What is the director's opinion on the importance of his creativity for the type of science fiction?

What is George Lucas's best sci-fi movie?

Although he is responsible for one of the greatest and most famous science fiction icons, George Lucas's opinion about the best production is far from his work. Since Lucas's favorite movie It will only be a real worship icon in the 1970s.

The director shared his statement In the documentary 2001: A space journey. On Kubrick's shoulders. In this production, he admitted his admiration for the legendary Stanley Cubric, 2001: A space journey.

Stanley Cubic created the final science fiction movie. to me, It will be very difficult for someone to come and make a better movieGeorge Lucas explained. Later the director also And he began comparing the iconic film with its own creativity, star Wars. “From an artistic point of view that can be compared, But personally I think it's much better“He pointed out.

Kubrick's work he One of the most important tapes Not only in this type of science fiction, but also For cinema in general. This is through existence An image that does not age with the years. And A profound topic even in these times.

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at the moment, You can find the documentary 2001: A space journey. On Kubrick's shoulders Complete via YouTube.

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