Carlos Pavon has put the Mexican footballer who humiliated Honduras in his place

Mexico lost 0-4 against Uruguay in a friendly manner before they participate Copa America 2024. Criticism rained down on the Mexican team, but Cesar Huerta He promises that he prefers to face these contests Honduras.

He 'Chino' Huerta Showed contempt for national teams CONCACAF After the humiliating defeat of the tricolor.

“I prefer these types of games to going to CONCACAF and not being fully competitive. I think these types of games make us grow as a team, and it's good that it happened now, not in the summer. There is still a lot of work to be done. Let's go out with some focus. “I think good things happened today, but the outcome overshadows a little bit what we did in the end,” he said in the mixed zone.

Conclusion UNAM Pumas As he said after the match at Empower Field at Mile High in Denver, Colorado, he sees the win as a better experience than playing against Honduras.

The Mexico team's controversial words have generated many comments on social media, with one of the respondents being former Honduras player Carlos Pavon.

The Honduras national team's top scorer responded in a release 'Chino' Huerta And he took the opportunity to answer Huerta and put him in his place.

“Caesar's magnified. Let me just say one thing for the crack. There are flying players in their teams and others who wear the national team shirt after the true reality of their skills as a soccer player. I'm talking about a country that doesn't have a reason for 4×0 Verguia,” Pavone said via 'X' (formerly Twitter).

Pavon received many opinions in support of his reaction against Cesar Huerta. “Retired and Pavon still dangerous”, “The Eternal Captain is thus spoken of”.

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