The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will finally embrace high-speed charging borrowed from electric vehicles

Samsung’s next foldables will continue to play in the same fast-charging league as all its flagships over the years, with no innovations in this regard. One of its first exceptions was the Galaxy Note10+, which supports 45W fast charging, but now everything is about to change. Using technology borrowed from electric vehicles.

This may be related to the problems the Korean manufacturer faced with the Galaxy Note 7 several years ago, which forced them to stop their supply at a historic moment for the brand. And that’s it Not all of its flagships have super-fast charging Other manufacturers have boasted of charging a smartphone in minutes. This year, Redmi showed off 300W super fast charging to fully charge the phone in five minutes.

It has now been leaked that the next Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy S24+ may use technology taken from electric vehicles. It is called a ‘stacked battery’. It is relatively new, but it is already widely used by some industries related to electric cars, backup power grids and portable power systems.

Stacked batteries


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As Samsung is currently testing batteries made at a factory in China, its use depends on the supply chain. One of the biggest advantages of ‘stacked batteries’ is the ability to charge faster. It’s him The Galaxy S24 Ultra will reach 65 W With 45 W should stay away from the current support of the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The batteries of both the S24 Ultra and S24+ reach a capacity of 5,000 mAh, but the former, according to GSMArena, There will be an additional cooling system This will allow you to achieve higher charging speeds. The fact that the base model of the Galaxy S24 series can’t reach such a speed mainly depends on the insufficient production efficiency offerings, although it can be used in the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6. Bring this technology to all iPhone 15.

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Of course, There will be uncertainty If after everything that happened with the Galaxy Note 7 Samsung brings super fast charging to its next Galaxy S24, the delay in implementing the charging speed surely helped the Korean manufacturer to use the appropriate technology so that their mobiles are always compromised. Security.

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