The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has two screen protectors; Here it is scratched, bent and burned Jerry Rick Everything (video)

The moment he has been waiting for has come. “sadicii technology“: Its scratch, bending test Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Jerry is on duty every day and is ready to explain. We know he’s on the phone at the moment. “Two screen protectors“Let’s see what else we can find.

You already know, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra There is security Gorilla Glass Victus, front and back. The technology was launched in 2020 by the Note 20 Ultra. In the scratch test, the screen appeared to be scratched at level 3 of 9 even after the screen protector was removed. It looks like Samsung has sent the Z2 an U21 Ultra with two overlapping screen protectors. It is not yet clear whether this measure applies to everyone. Otherwise the screen is scratched at level 9, which is defined as Gorilla Class 6. If it was level 8 or 9 it would be sapphire class and if it was level 10 it would be diamond.

Galaxy S21 Ultra

The speakerphone is very narrow and is well protected by a very small grille. Then YouTube continuedScratching the side edges with the cutter reminded me that the camera module is covered with a metal plate, not glass as we usually see. Matte back is easy to scratch with coins or keys, Only traces are taken very easily. The metal part of the camera can be scratched with a more sharp object, so we have to be careful.

I skipped the flame / lighter test, which I consider useless Bending. Apparently the steel frame and the two glass panels are well connected and there is no sign of bending. In conclusion, we have a bonus: some New York art videos from YouTube. In fact, this is Zack’s joke: he released videos with the Galaxy Note 4 to show how little the shooting of the phones actually took place.

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