Nike Naomi Osaka | Simona Halep: “At Nike I can not determine the color or equipment I wear. They are the bosses, I wear what they give me.”

Nike will be launching the Naomi Osaka package, which will follow in the footsteps of the results obtained by the Michael Jordan brand.

Naomi Osaka is preparing to become the symbol of Nike. The Japanese player has signed an alliance with an American sports equipment manufacturer, through which the US-based company will provide sports enthusiasts. Range of products The “No” mark is the initials of the US Open title champion.

The Naomi Osaka collection will launch in Japan and the United States on November 16th, and is one of Nike’s longest – owned brands.

Unlike Simona Halep, who was sponsored by the company and ranked best in the WTA rankings, Naomi gave Osaka the opportunity to launch her own equipment.

However, it is true that Naomi Osaka, at the age of 23, already holds three big slam titles, two for Simona Halep, and her statements on Japanese woman’s behavior and press conferences provoke more reactions from magazines and fans.

“I can’t determine the color or equipment of the equipment I wear. The people at Nike are the bosses, I wear what they offer me.” Simona Halep says when she was number one in the WTA.

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