How did “vaccine tourism” come about. How much is the Mumbai-New York trip with the vaccine?

Last month, shortly before the launch of the Covit-19 vaccine in the United States, an Indian travel agency announced that it was registering customers for a new, undeniable package: starting from Mumbai and adding a four-day trip to New York with the vaccine dose, all for about $ 2,000. The company called the business “vaccine tourism,” he writes NBCnews.

“We only accept Indians with visas valid for 10 years in the United States. For now, we do not take money, we make initial registrations. We are proud to have coined the term ‘vaccine tourism’,” said Nimesh Shah, a business development specialist at Gem Tours & Travels.

As soon as the Indian company introduced this new concept, “Vaccine Tour” was acquired by other rival companies such as Kolkata-based Genk Holidays, which has already registered customers for vaccine travel packages.

Travel 2 in 1. You travel and get vaccinated

“Vaccine tourism” was not well received by all, so the President of the Indian Tour Operators Association condemned the practice.

However, Zenith Holidays Agency, which usually does not provide travel packages in the United States, is still offering the site.

There customers can fill out a registration form, which they will then send, and a few minutes later they will receive an email from the company promising additional details about the trip to New York.

Although it is not yet known how many Indians signed up for such a trip to the United States, the idea is that someone with money from a country that does not have vaccines against Kovit-19 or has limited access may fly to another country. To get the dose of the vaccine, it provoked outrage and raised a lot of questions about ethics.

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The Most Popular “Vaccine Tour” in Florida

In Florida, according to official figures, the home addresses of nearly 40,000 people are listed as “out of state.”

This is possible because the Florida government’s administrative order, signed by Ron Desantis, prioritized the Govt – 19 vaccine for those 65 and over, but did not specify whether they should actually live in the state.

When surgeon Scott Rivkies signed the public health declaration Thursday, urging vaccine providers to make sure every person who receives the serum lives in Florida, nowhere else on earth.

“Vaccine tourism is not allowed. It’s ugly. People should not fly here to get vaccinated and then go back to the country,” said Jared Moscovitz, Florida’s emergency managing director.

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