The Punto Digital program advances: Córdoba and Santa Fe add connectivity spaces

The Secretariat of Public Innovation of the Headquarters of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Nation inaugurated two new Digital Points located in Anisacate, province of Cordoba; and in Commune Videla, Santa Fe province.

The inauguration of the first Anisacate Digital Point —and the Department of Santa María— was led by the Undersecretary of Open Government and Digital Country, César Gazzo Huck; and the Secretary of Public Works of the Nation, Martín Gill; the local mayor, Ramón Zalazar; and the director responsible for the Punto Digital Program, Pilar Araneta. Also present were the Secretary of Government of Anisacate, Matías Cuello; the coordinator of the Digital Point, Javier Pérez; municipal authorities and the local Deliberative Council.

The Digital Point number 71 in Córdoba is located in the Municipality building, at Salomón Palacios 15, between Ruta N ° 5 and José Gómez. It has a learning room with 16 state-of-the-art computers, a micro-cinema room with a projector, and a third entertainment space with video game consoles so that locals can carry out activities, learn, train in the use of new technologies and have fun.

Gazzo Huck thanked the joint effort between the Municipality and the Program team and highlighted: “It is a great pride to continue opening these spaces throughout the country, especially in places that did not have a Digital Point. These spaces offer connectivity, paperwork assistance, training, entertainment and become reference spaces for the entire community. We are sure and certain that the same thing will happen in Anisacate ”.

Next, Gill emphasized: “Every day we ask ourselves that we have to make a more federal country. A country is truly federal when a person who is born in any corner of Argentina and can think about his life in that place, without having to emigrate to the big cities. In order to build this more federal and deeply rooted country, it is essential that the national state have a territorial perspective, as is happening now ”.

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For its part, Araneta welcomed the entire community “to the most federal digital inclusion network in the country, to the great Punto Digital family that has 11 years of uninterrupted work in pursuit of reducing the digital divide.” Then, he added that “this space belongs to all and all the neighbors, it belongs to you, so that they use it, so that they are trained, so that they enjoy cultural activities, to have fun.”

Meanwhile, Zalazar remarked that “we mayors are living with a national government that listens to us, that stands at the foot of every problem to try to solve it throughout the country.”
During the day, the authorities also spoke with the neighbors and with representatives of retirement centers, the educational community and neighborhood clubs to listen to their concerns and report on all the activities and tools that they can use in this new free space. , open and free for the entire community.

Videla Commune Digital Point

In Comuna Videla, the Program inaugurated Digital Point number 60 in the province of Santa Fe and the first in the town. There were present Pilar Araneta and María Eva González, mayor of the municipality. The Digital Point is located in a new space, in which it will share activities with the interdisciplinary cabinet of the Municipality. There, initiatives will be articulated with the day center, with the purpose of promoting the care of people with problematic consumption in the community. In addition, the Digital Point will work with the Retiree Center and the Grandparents Club, which will bring digital inclusion to older adults.

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In this regard, González stated that “the Digital Point will be for all of us a meeting and articulation point” and stressed that “it is an initiative that we can carry out thanks to the joint work between the national, provincial and municipal State” .

In turn, Araneta remarked that “Federal Argentina is built on facts, that is why today the national state is present inaugurating the Videla Commune Digital Point” and added that “Digital Point besides being the most federal digital inclusion policy in the country , it is an access point to the State ”, since“ from this place all the neighbors will also be able to access other public policies, both of the national and provincial State ”.

The Punto Digital Program has been in continuity for more than ten years as a public policy for digital and social inclusion. Since December 2019, by order of the President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández, the Program has been strengthening its profile as a collective construction between the national government and local governments, with the purpose of reducing the digital divide.

The work in each of these spaces is directed by a coordinator or a local coordinator who develops and implements actions aimed at promoting digital inclusion adapted to the reality of each place. In less than 2 years, 30 new spaces were inaugurated and 105 were reactivated.

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